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Welcome to the South Dakota Lawyer Referral Service (“SDLRS”). SDLRS refers members of the public, who are seeking representation and willing to pay attorney fees, to attorneys registered with the program. SDLRS is a regular fee referral service, which means the program does not discuss attorney fees with members of the public or attorneys in the program. SDLRS does not require or request attorney members to reduce or cap their attorney fees for any referral made by the program. If you are an active licensed attorney and are interested in joining the SDLRS, please read the information below to learn about the program and how you can enroll.


SDLRS is available to members of the State Bar of South Dakota. The annual fee for each attorney participant is $50. This fee allows an attorney to select three panels (i.e. practice areas) to receive referrals. An attorney can select up to three additional panels for an additional charge of $20 for each additional panel. Panels also include a list of sub-panels. When an attorney selects a panel, he or she may also select any/all sub-panels available under that panel. For a full panel and sub-panel listing, please click here.

It is strongly encouraged that attorneys contribute 7% of their attorney fees collected from the SDLRS referred client to the SD Bar Foundation. The SD Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the State Bar of South Dakota. Contributions received from the SD Bar Foundation are used to fund programming that furthers public knowledge of the law and trust in the legal system. The Foundation also supports the SDLRS by providing funding for advertising and marketing materials.

How do I enroll in SDLRS?

Attorneys who wish to participate in SDLRS must complete an enrollment form, email it to and pay the necessary fee for the number of panels they are requesting.

Number of Panels Fee
1 - 3 $50
4 $70
5 $90
6 $110

The enrollment process starts at the beginning of the State Bar’s fiscal year, which is August 1. Any enrollment forms and/or fees submitted after August may experience some delay in processing.

How do I re-enroll after the first year?

Attorneys can re-enroll in SDLRS by notifying the state bar office of their intention to continue in the program, completing a new enrollment form if any of their information has changed, and paying the fee owed. Attorneys can also elect to auto-enroll each year by setting up payment through our State Bar credit card processor, AffiniPay. AffinPay is a secure credit card processing company that has been specifically tailored to work with law firms (LawPay) and bar associations. If an attorney does not contact the State Bar office and provide payment to re-enroll in SDLRS by September 30th, they will be removed from the referral service at that time. Attorneys can always contact the State Bar office at throughout the year and request to be re-enrolled in SDLRS.

Other requirements for SDLRS attorneys:

  • SDLRS attorneys must be members in good standing of the State Bar of South Dakota and carry E&O insurance of at least $100,000/300,000.
  • Attorneys are required to create their own member profiles. You can learn more about how to set up your profile in the Help Section.
  • Attorneys are required to upload a pdf copy of their insurance declaration page to their attorney profile. Referrals are suspended if an attorney member’s insurance is expired. Attorneys can update their insurance declaration page and expiration dates to their attorney profile to continue to receive referrals.

How referrals are made

SDLRS operates as a web-based platform service. Potential clients are referred to the website to complete an online questionnaire. If a referral seems reasonable based on information provided, the potential client is given the contact information of three SDLRS attorneys who are members of the panel related to the potential client’s legal need. The potential client can then select an attorney from the list provided. The potential client is given the option to contact the attorney selected directly or SDLRS can inform the attorney to contact the potential client. Attorneys are rotated in order, by relevant panel in the geographic area requested by the client.

Reporting process

SDLRS attorney members will receive referral confirmations by e-mail. The attorney should contact the potential client within five business days of receiving the email notification. The member attorney should also login to their SDLRS online profile within that timeframe to indicate they have contacted the potential client and whether or not they have accepted representation. More information on how to report.

Enrollment Forms

Use these enrollment forms to join the South Dakota Lawyer Referral Service.

Enrollment form

Enrollment Fees

Pay the necessary fees for the number of panels (practice areas) you enroll in. View a full panel and sub-panel listing here.

Pay enrollment fees